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Experience true Thailand at Khao Sok. Nestled on the edge of a rainforest, our bungalows are set in the middle of nature.
Rainforest nature, clean and cosy accommodation, friendly staff, perfect for your stay in khao sok.
Experience the pristine beauty of nature in one of Thailand’s most beautiful national parks. Perched on the southeastern tip of Surat Thani, our carefully designed bungalows offer breathtaking views while they provide an inner sense of serenity.
Experience nature at its best in the rainforest of Khao Sok, one of Thailand’s most beautiful national parks. Nestled in the heart of Surat Thani, our exquisite bungalows are designed to provide you with a peaceful escape away from the city.
Experience the majesty of Khao Sok National Park during your stay at our eco-friendly resort located in Surat Thani. Our bungalows offer you quiet sanctuary away from the bustle of city life.
Bringing nature to your doorstep, Feel the rhythm of the forest in these charming eco bungalows. Surrounded by lush tropical jungle and with orchids and dragonflies as your neighbors, you will feel at one with nature. All rooms have air-conditioning, heating, a private balcony overlooking lush jungle.

Past adventures to Cheow Lan lake and surrounding rivers.

Khao Sok National Park is a fantastic place for enjoying the natural beauty. The park has a number of great waterfalls, wildlife and other nature experiences. There are many different types of tours that you can do within the park including the lake tour, kayaking, day trekking, night trekking, canoeing and even taking a night canoe safari to see nocturnal animals. You can also visit Khao Sok Elephant Sanctuary which helps look after elephants that have been injured in accidents as well as rescuing young elephants from being mistreated by their owners. Your stay at Khao Sok will be memorable as there are always new things to discover!
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